The Soft Capsule


The Soft Capsule

from 1834 to now

Always at the service of human nature, GAP uses soft capsule technology in all EVIOL food supplements, allowing the body to enjoy all their benefits to the maximum.

Since it first appeared in 1834, until today when its manufacturing process has evolved significantly, the soft capsule remains a major innovation in the pharmaceutical sector.

The soft capsule is the ideal way to orally administer active ingredients since it offers optimum solubility and is the ideal solution for oily active ingredients (fish oil), fat soluble or a combination of fat soluble and water soluble active ingredients. It is difficult for such ingredients and their combinations to be administered in any other pharmaceutical form, such as tablets or hard capsules, than that of the soft capsule. 

Soft capsules are:

  • Easy to swallow
  • Rapidly absorbed by the body

The soft capsules for EVIOL food supplements are made using the international know-how of the GAP company, one of the leading Greek pharmaceuticals, with a strong presence in international markets, and one of the pioneers specialising in soft capsule manufacturing in Greece.

The company has been innovating since 1978, through the creation of the popular soft capsule EVIOL Vitamin E. To date, the EVIOL food supplements series is the only one that uses soft capsule technology throughout the full range of its products.