It is in our nature to be giving!

It is in our nature to be giving! For this reason, and in the context of the 35th Authentic Athens Marathon, we designed and developed the application "km for good", helping the Aegean Team cover the distance of 50 nautical miles and the distances that bring people closer together.

The process was simple. All users had to do, was download the application "km for good" on Android or iOS, activate it and then go on with their daily lives as before. Upon completion of 42km, the application will send its help to the Aegean Team, so that it could in turn contribute by organising expeditions and events in order to cover the essentials of communities in need.

The application, which was presented at our booth in the Marathon with support from Sakis Tanimanidis, Despina Kampouri and the nutritionist Anastasios Papalazarou, met its goal and offered valuable help to the Aegean Team.

And of course we shall continue to offer help, this time for the Athens Half Marathon! Because it is in our nature to be giving and to jointly strive for improvement!