19/03/2017 HALF-MARATHON

Surrounded by energy and thousands of smiles, EVIOL food supplements excelled as official sponsor of the Athens Half Marathon, on Sunday 19 May 2017! We ran eagerly to turn kilometers into meters in support of the values that bring us together: the values of health and well-being, achieved through good nutrition but greatly elevated through sport. So that at the end of each day, we can look back on every amazing and fulfilling moment lived to the max and feel victorious.



After the race, we hosted the "hero-runners", who leave nothing unfinished, at our special stand at Syntagma Square. There, at the EVIOL photo booth, they had their pictures taken as real #HeroAmongHeroes and with their smiles supported the organization "Doctors of the World". The presence of countless smiling faces translated into active support for them so that they continue their invaluable work with even more dedication. EVIOL food supplements renew their appointment for the Authentic Athens Marathon with the same energy and enthusiasm for all modern-day heroes!