EVIOL BRAIN FUNCTION an Official Sponsor of the GRID Robotics Team

Global distinction for GRID, the Greek student robotic team at the 7th World Youth Innovation and Technology Expo (19-23 July) in Shanghai, choosing to represent our country, with a scholarship from the Ministry of Education of China. It was the first time ever that a Greek team participated in the Exhibition with the support of EVIOL Brain Function as an official sponsor.

In particular, the Grid robotics team won the 1st Prize of the Judges, the Prize of the Audience and the 1st Prize at the International Tournament "Science and Technology Stars of Tomorrow"

Moreοver, the GRID Team won the 9th national robotics contest "WRO Hellas" in July 2017 and then in November 2017 represented our country in the World Robot Olympiad in Costa Rica, achieving for the first time an Olympic Distinction for Greece. They ranked 7th among delegates from 53 countries who were participating in the competition.

The GRID Team's project, under the auspices of SDSN Greece, is based on the "Robot for Sustainable Development" concept. As a result, the team built a robotic community that is able to save energy, produce energy from renewable sources, convert kinetic and dynamic energy into electricity and manage the energy generated by its households through a set of algorithms. The fact that Pecan Street, which manages actual household energy data in Texas, has granted the team access to its data for research purposes is particularly worth mentioning as well as a great honor.

More information about their idea can be found here.

The team consists of 15-year old Iasonas Somoglou, a ninth-grade high school student with special love for programming, who has won pan-Hellenic robotics competitions twice and received a scholarship from Google, 14-year old Ioannis Papadopoulos, an eighth-grader with a talent in electronic circuits and mechanical engineering, and Diana Voutyrakou (Team Coach), electrical engineer at the National Technical University of Athens who was awarded Greek Woman of the Year for 2017-2018.

Iasonas, Ioannis and Diana, we took great pride in your endeavor and thank you for this global distinction!

Continue your effort for a better future because it is in our nature to continue!